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All The Tools Needed to Reflect & Explore your Sexuality in the Privacy of your Own Home


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The first step in the SAY IT to SLAY IT model is to tell your story. Most of us have been reading someone else's fantasies in erotic novels for years!


Privately, now is your chance! Let's uncover your fantasies, look at others' fantasies, all while discovering some of the obstacles holding you back from living the life you fantasize about. 

The APHRODITE'S SECRETS COURSE  addresses our challenges

Challenge #1: Embarrassment

Learn about women's sexuality in the privacy of your own home

Challenge #2: Confidence

Learn about the sexual fantasies you share with other women 

Challenge #3: Fulfillment

Learn strategies for meeting partners & developing effective communication

Your Instructor: Toni Bear, Ed.D.

Dr. Toni Bear is an author, educator and motivational speaker. She celebrates and empowers women through an exploration of limiting beliefs, positive sexual energies, experiential stories, and creating healthy relationships and communities.

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Here's What You Are Going to Learn!

Module One: Uncovering

After taking a look at the Top Ten Fantasies Women describe having, we will do a deep dive into the origins of fear, obstacles, and self-empowerment strategies.

Module Two: Discovery

We believe in the power of words. Our motto is: "You have to Say It to Slay It!" Beginning with exercises that work to slay our demons and discovering new possibilities, we move to verbalizing our intentions through writing. 

Module Three: Exploration

We complete the course with exercises that help us create a relationship that would satisfy our desires. 

Erotic encounters have been a mere page in a long story expressing the lessons I have learned on this awesome spiritual path.


Toni Bear, Ed.D.


All The Tools Needed to Reflect & Explore Your Sexuality in the Privacy of your Own Home




  • Self-Monitored
  • Easy to Follow Along
  • Ten Instructional videos
  • Workbook to Accompany the Course
  • Resource List for further study

An Awakened Self Awaits


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