"Know that you matter, your thoughts and feelings matter, your sexual needs and wants matter, your sexual boundaries and sexual health matter. -That is the definition of sexual empowerment."

Miya Yamanouchi

Let Dr. Toni Bear guide you to feeling more alive, confident, and sexy in 2023, LIVE all year!


Dr. Toni's Group Coaching Program:


A Three-Month Journey to Sexual Empowerment

Is Sexual Empowerment Coaching for Me?

Are you dissatisfied with your sex life and know there is more?

Do you wish your life was more like the erotica you are reading or movies you a e watching?

Do you feel alone and afraid to disclose your fantasies in fear that you will be judged? 

Do you find yourself having those bathtub moments dreaming of a life well-lived?

Are you feeling resentful that your partner just doesn't know how to satisfy you? 

If you can answer yes to more than one of these questions,

I think you are in the right place! 


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Sexually Empowering Women through an Exploration of Pleasure & Erotic Energies: Celebrating our Stories, 

Spirit & Community

Weekly Zoom Q & A Sessions

During our three months together, Dr. Bear will be LIVE on zoom for our weekly group calls. The topics are suggested by those on the call. 

Weekly Topics with Writing Prompts and Instructional Videos

Self-awareness is key to building the self-confidence to pursue your goals and dreams. It helps with nurturing interpersonal relationships and could be the key difference between people who are happy and those who aren't. 

Private Online Community for our Group

An opportunity to stay connected and accountable. Dr. Toni Bear will drop in weekly and add value through inspirational Facebook LIVE appearances. 


Toni is a combination of philosopher, spiritual leader, teacher, and coach. She will inspire you, encourage you, and help you reach your potential. She is an expert in building positive meaningful relationships and women’s organizations through connection. Highly recommend her coaching services.





Toni’s coaching focused on effective ways to communicate with many types of people, priorities and actions, as well as leadership styles. Through the coaching process, I learned how to manage difficult situations and difficult people. I have grown professionally and achieved a greater understanding of senior management prioritization and the importance of community service. And under her mentorship, I’m far more aware of creating and nurturing relationships with others in a large organization and the day to day challenges facing today’s leaders.

An awakened self awaits

Let's make 2023 our sexiest year, ever!