Valentine's Challenge

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Valentine’s Day is a capitalistic conspiracy to sell candy and gifts, says my wife!

Perhaps, it is. But, I LOVE IT!

I am a hopeless romantic. I believe in LOVE. I remember creating valentine’s cards for my classmates in elementary school. It was a time when we could innocently love another person without any meaning beyond- I think you’re terrific! Do you remember? My mind joyously travels to the days of innocence of holding hands with your best friend in the school yard because you adored her like crazy. I remember hugging folks without a second thought.

I also absolutely LOVE chocolate! As a self-admitted chocoholic, I worship the person who invented the idea that chocolate could be put in heart boxes and shared with someone you love. My wife and I are currently trying to be mindful of our dietary habits, however, that did not stop me from buying FOUR snoopy 4-piece chocolate Whitman chocolate boxes for the two of us. My only regret is the chocolate boxes are gone and Valentine’s Day is days away.

Valentine’s Day gives me an excuse to show my love through childlike-cards (e-notes) and send them randomly online without causing a huge domino-effect of jealousy amongst my friends’ partners. It is truly innocent and a celebration of the LOVE I have for my friends.

Feel free to celebrate LOVE and make your OWN happiness! Yes, Valentine’s Day history is shrouded in religious controversy from a long time ago AND part of a ongoing corporate marketing campaign. No matter, I am for it!

So, in celebration of Valentine’s Week, I have created a Valentine’s Day Challenge! With inspiration from the Goddess Aphrodite, I mixed together ancient wisdom and the current advice from sexperts to create a list of 14 love tips. You can download it here:

Valentine’s Week Challenge: choose one of Aphrodite's 14 Love and do it! Take a photo setting up, doing it, or in post-valentine’s glow. Then, send it to my Facebook challenge event page and post it (of course, it must be Facebook legal). I will choose three photos and award the winners a FREE workshop called “Overcoming Fears of Exploring your Fantasies” on March 7th. It’s a 5-hour intensive workshop worth $497!

Please go and "attend" and "like" the Facebook Challenge Page. This is where you post your challenge photo:

Let's share OUR enthusiasm for Valentine’s Day TOGETHER!

Are you up for a challenge?

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