Powerful Connections Help to Overcome Zoom Fatigue

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Zoom fatigue is affecting the Introvert, Extrovert, and all between….

I believe one of the biggest lessons coming out of this pandemic is the importance of human connection. I’m just coming to understand the incredible role energy exchange plays in my life. It is one very important source of empowerment nurtured by a deep connection and trust with another person. Living most of this year in isolation has left an energy void in this introvert’s world.

New friends

I have been resourceful and creative enough to place myself online in places where I meet a few new folks at a time. Those wonderful opportunities have been consistently sprinkled throughout this past year and have brought new energy, ideas, collaboration, and creativity into my life. I have managed to flip my dread of being on Zoom with a new mindset that this next call might produce a relationship that feeds me the energy I need! I have met some incredible women through the pandemic from all areas of the world. They are young, energetic, and working to positively change their part of the world. Have you met new folks? How would you describe the new energies they have brought to your life? 

Old friends

One of my positive attributes is meeting and connecting with new folks, however one of my constant challenges is finding the time to connect on a deeper level with long-time friends. I tend to get caught up in my current projects and rarely find time to create a place for reconnecting with longtime friends. While we sometimes outgrow or move in a different direction from old friends, long-term friendships are important in that they create continuity bridging our ever-evolving identity from the past to the present. Quite simply, my old friends, ground me. New energy and friendships are exciting, but old friendships bring stability to my life. Again, I've flipped my mindset that the current forced physical separation has kept me off planes and flying around the world facilitating workshops and retreats, and I DO have the time to connect with old friends and family. Is there someone who you need to reach out to? When is the last time you had a conversation with an old friend?  

Social Media “Friends”

You can probably tell by the quotes I just used that I do not consider social media “friends or followers”,  deeply-connected friends. To me, the designation of friend, creates a responsibility to be there for someone when they need you. Social media friends are acquaintances that know the public you. The part of you that you care to share online. Their identity is also a presentation of self, rather than an authentic self. I have multiple profiles, each designed to share one part of who I am with a select group. The "friends" on a particular profile are folks that I enjoy interacting with, however, have a very limited lens of who I am. I believe part of Zoom fatigue is just growing tired of so many superficial, online relationships popping up into YOUR home- online friends appear on Facebook often and say hello often without an invitation. Co-workers are also appearing in YOUR space on a plethora of work-related zoom meetings. Your boundaries may seem violated. Have you transitioned some of your online acquaintances or co-workers to friends? Have you been concentrating too much of your time in online relationships that do not necessarily bring you joy?

To maintain my sanity, I create spaces for deep, meaningful, and positive connections that bring joy to my life. I try to manage my time and balance between new friends, old friends, and social media acquaintances.  How are you managing your online time to create connections that bring you joy?

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