Raising Your Vibration

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The state of being full of energy and life.

Brightness, Strength, and Resonance.

Synonyms: exuberance, liveliness, and lustiness.1


I have a best friend who cringes at the word, energy. To her, energy is a New Age term that folks throw around to be hip or bigger than their britches. Pre-pandemic, she frequently assisted me facilitate Women’s spiritual retreats and hid when it was time to meditate in the mornings. She believes in a Catholic construct of God and did not want to feel anything that might question her traditional beliefs. There was nothing I could say (as a person who also grew up Catholic) that would change her mind that meditation was not likely to cause a crisis for her soul.

I would ask myself, why does she help me? What does she get out of the retreat if she does not desire to grow and expand her possibilities? Her response to those questions was always the same, “I just like hanging out with you”. I made her feel good.

I do understand what she is saying because I also like hanging around folks that make me feel good. I am very attracted to people who are full of energy, positivism, and life!

While I am not bubbly and bouncy. I am told my smile, twinkle in my eye, and vibrations are strong. I have done a great amount of personal work in understanding myself, the world around me, and the worlds beyond me. It does not matter that my friend does not believe in energy, she is in my life because of the vibrations I give out. They feel good. Some say its in the timber of my voice. I believe my energy resonates through my vocal cords, but it comes from a place much deeper.

According to science, all beings radiate electromagnetic fields from the heart. When you love someone, you can radiate thoughts, feelings, and emotions at the same rhythm. Everything in the universe, including love, creates waves. Each wave has its frequency. When you find someone at your frequency, you can give and receive love in equal measure. Radiating positive energy comes from an expression of connectedness to something larger than oneself.

So, what is one of the keys to a great love life? Good Vibrations! You can increase your vibration by: 1) Identifying and removing the obstacles to positivity, clarity, and joy, 2) Attracting vibrant people into your life by raising your vibration, 3) Deflecting negative emotions such as frustration, intolerance and impatience coming into your life by doing an audit on the folks you spend the most time around, and 4) Eliminating fear and self-doubt. Raising your vibration will bring smiles, positive self-esteem, and increase your desire to be your sexy self more often … and at a new level.

You might be thinking, that is easy to say, but difficult to do. It is hard and takes some time. However, the journey starts as soon as you decide it should start.2 There are emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits to raising your vibration. It is a lifelong journey but well worth the effort. Let’s not tell my friend that it is, indeed, good energy through vibrations, what we lovingly share when we are together!




1 Webster’s Dictionary

2  If you need a some help, consider joining my group, Voyager’s Club Inner Circle. We support each other’s journey to bring the love, passion, and positive connections into our lives, together. Link below. 


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